Friday, 20 December 2013

HP ProLiant Firmware protection to take effect in late January 2014

As an ongoing efforts to limit unauthorized access to their intellectual capital, HP will implement measures to protect the access to designated firmware associated with their ProLiant product family.

This ProLiant Firmware protection will take effect in late January 2014 and will include all ProLiant products from Gen1 through Gen8 and future products.

Customers with these HP products under an active warranty or valid support agreement will continue to be able to access the protected firmware via the HP Support Center with their HP Passport.

Audcomp, as an HP Authorized Service Partners, will continue to have access to the protected firmware through HP Support Center, so will continue to provide services to customers with active HP Warranty and Support Agreements. Access to protected firmware and patches is another competitive differentiator for HP Authorized Service Delivery Partners.

In addition to the protection of this ProLiant firmware, HP protection strategies have included the following product families:
  • HP Integrity Servers including Integrity Blades firmware – protected in Oct 2013
  • HP 9000 Servers firmware – protected in Oct 2013
  • HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) firmware 4xxx, 6xxx, 8xxx, P63xx, and P65xx storage devices – protected in Dec 2013
  • HP AlphaServer Systems firmware – projected protection in Jan 2014
HP has started auditing customers to enforce HP’s rights and are looking closely at potential for misuse by competitors. Protecting diagnostic tools, patches, updates, knowledge documents, and all other support materials are a key value of HP’s support portfolio.

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