Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Audcomp Referral Program

Audcomp has recently launched a referral program for its service offerings. Through the program, Customers that are currently utilising Audcomp services can refer their clients, suppliers and other business associates to Audcomp services. When their referral signs up for at least one Audcomp service contract, Audcomp will credit their account for up to one month free service.

How Audcomp Referral Program Works

Step 1- Customers can introduce their Audcomp Account Representative to their referral (decision maker) via email or telephone.

Step 2- Audcomp Account Representative and Audcomp service specialist will meet with their referral to outline the benefits of Audcomp services and answer any questions they may have about Audcomp services.

Step 3- When their referral signs up for at least one Audcomp service, they will be rewarded for up to one month of their monthly service fee.

Only Audcomp customers that are currently using Audcomp subscription-based services can participate in this program. New customers signing up for any Audcomp monthly-based service contracts will be automatically enrolled in the referral program.

Audcomp provides Professional Services and Cloud Services which includes Managed Services, Hosted Exchange, Colocation, Cloud Server Hosting, Hosted SharePoint, Hosted Lync, Security as A Service (SaaS), Cloud Backup and Fibre Internet Services.

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