Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Windows 8.1 pre-release version available

Windows 8.1- the free update for Windows 8- is available for preview. The update is expected to solve some of the controversial challenges around Windows 8. Earlier this week, Gartner has given Windows 8.1 a thumbs up advising businesses to consider to deploy it for all devices.

If you are one of those missing the old start button, happy news for you- it is being restored in Windows 8.1. The ability to boot directly to the desktop, improved app functionality, new tile sizes and a new built-in-search tool are some of the changes that Gartner predicts ‘could quiet most of its (Windows 8) detractors.’

Windows 8.1 will be a free update for Windows 8. Here is a description of the new features in Windows 8.1.

Here are a few of Gartner’s recommendations regarding Windows 8.1 deployment.
  • Consider Windows 8.1 for a broader deployment, not only touch-based devices.
  • If you prefer to adopt a new OS for new PCs, consider deploying Windows 8.1 on newly purchased PCs after you have completed the requisite testing – especially with IE 11.
  • If you are in the early planning phases of Windows 8 projects, pilot on Windows 8, but transfer to Windows 8.1 beta soon.

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  1. Why are people obessessed with the start button? People are mostly afraid of change.