Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Security less of an issue in Cloud Computing

Last February, during an event ‘Cloud Demystified’, we have had the chance to talk to some business owners and managers what their concerns are about the ‘cloud’. While the number one issue that most businesses are concerned about is security, many are also concerned about where their data will be stored in the Cloud.

These are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed. Sharing best practices from companies that have experience with cloud computing is a great way in understanding the trends and making informed business decisions.

Recently, CA Technologies sponsored a survey that analyzes some of the successes and challenges with cloud computing. The report that surveyed 542 organizations has found out that cloud computing is proving to deliver what it originally has promised, including ‘faster than expected deployment, better than expected results and lower than expected costs’.

The result concerning security issues might come as a surprise to many. According to the survey, security was often cited as one of the reasons for success in the cloud. ‘Many companies are actually moving to the cloud to improve security’, says the survey. Here are the highlights from the survey about cloud security concerns:

  • 99% of enterprises surveyed reported that the cloud met or exceeded their expectations for Security.
  • One-third of the respondents said that ‘security has been less of an issue than originally thought’.
  • Contrary to the claim that security was a bottleneck for cloud adoption, the survey respondents have considered cloud for ‘enhanced security’.
  • Security, however, still remains a major concern in deciding to move certain critical business apps to the cloud.

These are interesting finding that will shape the future of the cloud and how it is being used. Is your company using cloud computing? What are your security concerns? Share your thoughts below.

To read the CA Technologies survey, click here.


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