Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cyber security survival tips for businesses

Almost 70% of finance, airline, telecom, utilities and aerospace and defence industries in Canada experienced some kind of cyber-attacks within a year, according to a survey by the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance. iPolitics. ca reports that the cost of these attacks is estimated to be more than $5.3 million.

The survey states that many of the businesses attacked were not aware of the attacks and didn’t have the necessary infrastructure to deal with the issues.

With cyber crime on the rise, security is a high priority issue. But many businesses, especially SMBs that lack human power and IT resources, are not prepared to combat cyber-attacks. If your business doesn’t have the roadmap to fight cyber crimes, here is a basic advice from ESET’s blog that offers a series of steps and cyber security survival tips. The steps included are:
  • Assess your assets, risks, resources
  • Build your policy
  • Choose your controls
  • Deploy the controls
  • Educate employees, execs, vendors
  • Further assess, audit, test
Read the details of each step here to learn more how you can make the task of getting a handle on cyber security more manageable.

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