Monday, 25 March 2013

BYOD gaining momentum among Canadian SMBs

The Canadian Mobility landscape is rapidly evolving as SMBs increasingly embrace mobile technologies. Organizations are embracing productivity enhancing mobile applications and wireless network solutions – all aimed at supporting an increasing array of mobile device deployments.

 A survey report released this March by Sage North America indicates that business owners are understanding the positive effect of mobile technology on productivity.
The survey polled 476 small and midsized businesses in Canada, among which 83% view mobile technologies as important business tools.The survey result shows:
  • More than 55% have one to two employees using laptops.
  • About 40% have one or two employees using tablets or smartphones
  • The use of remote access have increased over the past year (laptops by 48%, tablets by 64%, smartphones by 78%)
  • 45% of the business already have BYOD policy in place. 35% have not yet considered BYOD.
  • Businesses polled use laptops (74%), smartphones (68%) and tablets (38) to access work-related information remotely.
  • 90% access their email remotely on a mobile device. Other popular applications that are accessed remotely include text messaging (66%), contacts (77%), Banking (64%) and Documents (53%).
Source: Sage Canadian SMB Survey on Mobile Devices, March 2013

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