Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Windows 8 for the Work Environment

The Windows 8 environment features a significant change from its preceding OS platforms. Its touch capability and 'metro' interface that are geared towards mobile users might appear intimidating to business people who are not always excited about drastic changes. If you are among those looking for reasons how Windows 8 might improve your window's experience at work, some of the following features that are highlighted at PCworld might help you make the right decision.

Written by Tony Bradley, the article lists 10 reasons why Windows 8 makes sense for business, which I have recaptured as follows:

  • Touchscreen interface : You don't need to invest in an expensive iPad or Android tablet anymore for the sake of touch-based features. You can achieve this with your existing PC equipped with a touchscreen monitor. You can, for example, input your signature directly on the display.
  • Networking- Windows 8 provides simplified connections to networks.
  • Unique PC options: Windows 8 has blurred the difference between notebook and tablets. Now, you can get different PC options that give you both in one.
  • Faster boot time: Windows 8, approximately, boots in half the time that of Windows 7.
  • The dual-monitor support can increase your productivity tremoundesly.
  • Better Security: The Secure Book feature allows authorized software only. With Microsoft Security Essentials antimalware that is incorporated into Windows Defender, Windows 8 gives you better malware protection.
  • Storage spaces: You don't need to replace your drive and add new drive letters when you want to expand your storage.
  • SkyDrive integration: Through Widows 8, you are connected to Microsoft's cloud storage. When you sign in to any Windows device with your Microsoft account, you can easily access your files and connections.
  • The new Task Manger presents information in a more clear way.
  • Windows to go, which is only available with Windows 8 Enterprise, enables you carry your Windows 8 PC on a bootable USB.
Another feature that is not mentioned above is the built-in business apps. Apps like people, mail, calendar and messaging will increase your business productivity. The Windows Store apps also offer a variety of business apps that you might find useful for your business. The familiar features of Windows 7 are still there. The combined touch and type feature enhances your business flexibility.

If you are a Windows 8 user already, lets us know which features you like and which ones you are not crazy about. Are you skeptical about upgrading? Let us know why.

By Virginia Swan
Account Executive, Client Computing

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