Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Audcomp Event- Cloud Demystified

Audcomp is hosting a business IT event that will focus on the benefits of cloud for SMBs. Most SMBs share IT business challenges including: soaring IT costs, mobility restrictions, limited growth capacity, limited flexibility, technology obsolescence, limited IT skills. At the event, named Cloud Demystified, we will be addressing how SMBs can leverage cloud solutions to face these business challenges.

We feel that most SMB leaders are confused about the hype around the cloud. Those who've heard about the benefits of moving to the cloud don't have a clear understand how it can be applicable to their business. The goal of this event is to demystify the cloud and help businesses understand how they can leverage it to their competitive advantage without compromising their data security.

In addition to that, Microsoft representatives will join us at this event to conduct a live demonstration of Windows 8. A line of new products from several vendors will also be showcased.

Registration is open here.

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