Wednesday, 12 December 2012

IT skills gap and security- major threats to technology adoption

In this era wherein customers buy via their smartphones and engage with businesses through social media, it is obvious that businesses that are not willing to adopt latest technologies will be out of their game sooner or later.

A 2012 IBM Tech Trends report tracks how CEOs and IT leaders are adapting to new technology realities that are setting the pace for our future. Mobile technology, business analytics, cloud computing and social business are the main trends that are seen as critical factors for ground breaking innovations, new business models and growth. In technology adoption, however, not all businesses are equal. The study divides organizations as Pacesetters (those that adopt ahead of their competition), Followers (those that follow Pacesetters) and Dabblers (those that lag behind or are very late adopters).

What are the threats for adoption and innovation? The IBM report concludes the two major threats that worry business leaders are IT skill shortages and security concerns.

Surveying 1,200 professionals who are technology decision makers for their organizations, 250 academics and 450 students, the study spells out skill shortage is a serious bottleneck for adoption. The result shows only one in ten organizations has all the skills it needs and 60% or more report modest to major skill shortages.

IT security also determines how businesses decide to adopt technologies like mobile technologies, cloud computing and BYOD. The good news is technology is now one of the top concerns in business agenda. However, IT security still remains a big obstacle impending progress as organizations try to figure out how they can protect their important information and data.

As the report points out, Pacesetters are better adapting to these challenges through more market driven and analytical approaches. When it comes to skill shortage, Pacesetters don't only focus on experts in math and statistics, but they also emphasize on the need to merge these skills with business knowledge. They prepare IT skills a head of time rather than wait until the business demand is created.

In case of security issues, Pacesetters take privacy and security issues very seriuosly. Even though they tend to be experimental in their technology adoption, they also establish security and privacy policies ahead of their peers. 

To learn more about adoption rates, investment levels and how elite organizations are outpacing competitors, read the IBM report Fast track to the future


  1. This is something that every organization should be concerned and should care to make sure its network/data is properly secured.

    very good article and wake up!

  2. Skills shoratge is a big issue that should be adressed. The Big companies that are shaping the face of technlogy today have the responsiblity of preparing the next generatiion of IT people. It is high time that technology companies, Universities, colleges, and highschools work together towards that same goal.

  3. Nice post!
    While many companies may be attracted to technical buzzwords being tossed about, one of the hottest IT skill sets is something that mostly avoids the hype: cyber security.