Thursday, 29 November 2012

Where will SMBs IT Budget go to in 2013?

A recent study conducted by SpiceWorks throws some highlights on SMBs IT plans.  The findings from the report indicate that technologies that have high potential in the SMB market include tablets, cloud services and desktop virtualization.

Hardware takes the biggest share of SMB IT Budgets at 40%, followed by software at 34% and IT services at 26%, says the report. 53% of SMBs support tablets on their network, which indicates that tablet adoption is keeping its momentum and becoming almost as common as Smartphones, which are supported by 59% of SMBs.

Good news for cloud service providers. Cloud services adoption is growing among SMBs (62%), recording a substantial growth from early months in 2012 (48%). The report states that 'by early 2013, 73% of SMBs plan to adopt cloud services. Virtualization growth has steadied, inching upward to 65% from 64% in the first half of 2012. For the first time, this study looked into desktop virtualization showing 39% of SMBs either use or plan to use desktop virtualization technologies in the first half of 2013.'

The report's reflection on BYOD shows that there is a big split among IT pros on the topic. As the survey result puts it '... 14% of SMBs fully embrace the trend, 32% note that it works well for some devices, but not for others, 24% claim it’s a headache for their IT department, and the remaining 30% have not formed an opinion.'

What does this mean to IT service providers like Audcomp? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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  1. Although many IT Managers are reluctant to go to the Cloud the ones that do are reaping the benefits of much more efficient and cost effective networking environment. The Cloud allows for cost certainty and constantly updated equipment and software without the spikes in capital expense from your business.

    The Cloud appears to be the best solution in any budget aware IT infrastructure.