Monday, 26 November 2012

Canada's IT experts' take on Consumerization of IT and its trends

It has become common to use consumer devices(laptops/ Smartphones/tablets) and applications in our everyday personal life. Adoption of using these personal devices  at the workplace is also increasing. This brings its own challenges to business managers. How do you accommodate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in your organization? What are the challenges? How do your protect your business data? How do you formulate a policy that works? These are some of the common questions that businesses raise before they embark upon BYOD. Find the answers in this article where Canada's IT experts, including our own Mike Chan (Vice President of Audcomp) and Jonathan Binkosky (Sales Manager) share their thoughts on some of the most pressing questions and concerns over IT consumerization.

Here are some of the responses from Chan and Binkosky on some of the few questions:

What trends and challenges do SMBs face as consumeraization of IT becomes more common?
" Organizations need to be aware of the immediate impact that consumerization of IT will have on their business. You have to remember that Smartphones , apps and the limitlessness of the Internet will change your bandwidth requirements, storage requirements and security concerns. ....the biggest challenge for SMB IT managers is how to provide in-depth end-user support on each model. Even if you may settle on one operating system as a policy, it might still be difficult to support different physical device types." 

In terms of Security, what are your customers most concerned about as consumerization takes hold?
"Most smart devices are generally secure. The part that should be of concern is how secure you need to make the edge of each network ( or cloud for that matter) so that they are not vulnerable to attacks.  For example, when you purchase movie ticktes form your smarthphone, your creidt card information is still stored on the other side of your connection. It's important to make sure that data is safe abd protected from theft."

To read the rest of the questions and answers, take a look at IT in Canada's October issue and go the article Consumer IT takes the reins

What are your thoughts about Consumerization of IT. Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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