Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Top Technical IT skills in Demand

We have heard so much about the high skills demand in the healthcare industry. Thanks to the world of internet technologies that is growing in an exponential rate, demand for IT professionals is also increasing.

According to an inforgraphics by Cisco Systems, it is predicted that networking will be the second fastest growing occupation in the US in the coming few years.  The expansion and growth in the Smartphone and tablet industry, the advancement in social network and mobile applications are credited as the main catalysts for cultivating this high demand for IT professionals.  Network Administrator,  Database Management and Desktop Support are listed as the top three positions that CIOs want to fill most.

This is good news for IT professionals who are currently studying or are already in the Job market, but it doesn't mean that they should sit and relax. If you don't have the right skills sets, you might not be needed as much as you think.  According to Cisco's inforgrahics, continuous training and skills' update is the key to succeed. 

What does this mean to you as an IT professional? What does this mean for IT companies like Audcomp?  Share your ideas. 

Click here is to see the full infographics from Cisco.

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