Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Audcomp in the SMB Market

Working as an Account Executive at Audcomp, I have spoken to many customers who have asked if Audcomp handles small and medium businesses?  Just the other day, I received a call from an SMB business owner whose spouse works at a local University, serviced by Audcomp, wondering if we will service their smaller business, as well?  This actually happens quite often.  And the answer is absolutely, yes!

Audcomp has many unique features and services, which are geared toward complementing your daily flow of business and making working with us personal, profitable and convenient.  Here are just a few reasons why businesses of all sizes should be working with us:

Dedicated Account Reps:  Each business, regardless of size has two representatives, one for client computing (ie: desktops, printers, display, digital signage solutions) and the other rep is for servers, storage and networking solutions.  So, the last person you explained your work environment too, will be the same person managing your quotes, handling ETA’s and making sure the solution is carried out to your exact specifications.    

Buying Power:  Audcomp has premium level partnerships with our manufacturers and has developed a certain level of buying power from our 26 years of being in business, enabling us to pass on those savings in a trickledown effect to all of our clients.      

Warranty Management:  Have you ever been on the phone trying to return a product?  Well, if you aren't familiar with the process, a quick phone call can sometimes turn into several phone calls, if you don’t have the right information on hand.  Audcomp, as an added value, keeps that “needed" information for warranties in our database and will make that phone call for you.  In fact, we can arrange a pick up and return, right to your front door.

Remote Services:  Some of our clients find themselves in a place, where their IT needs are ever increasing, but their company isn’t large enough to hire someone for a full time IT role.  Or, they have someone in an IT role, but that person is getting bogged down with day to day tasks and not able to focus on projects.  Audcomp offers remote services for both those scenarios and can manage your network, right from our office, allow you to utilize our technician’s onsite, offer helpdesk support and give you a full report of the health of your network.     

These are just a few of the many value added services our small and medium sized businesses can take advantage of.   Please feel free to contact your dedicated account representative to find out more about how Audcomp can help you with your IT related needs.

Derek Hughes
Audcomp Account Executive

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